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Medieval Madness Troll Eyes Parts Kit


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This kit contains the parts that you will need to add LEDs to your MM troll eyes. Figure on about 3 hours total time, with a few hour's break for some silicone to set up. The kit uses super high brightness LEDs - there will be no mistaking that the trolls are about and looking for a beating!


The kit contains:

6x red LEDs (two spares recommended in case something goes wrong)
3" of 1/8" heatshrink
10" of 3/16" heatshrink
2x 4k resistors.
1x 510R resistor (for testing)
2x 1n4007 diodes
6 feet 24GA extra flexible stranded wire (green, 19 strands)
4 small tie wraps

You will need a 9V battery for testing, and a tube of silicone adhesive. You will also have to be able to remove and replace your troll mechanisms.

The wire is extra flexible, and has a Teflon jacket. It can be a bit tricky to strip, as the wire is slippery. You'll need to use a stripper, or maybe a razor blade.

Instructions are at our troll mod page. Some of the mechanical and soldering work is a bit fiddly, so please look at the instructions before you buy the kit.

  • Model: MMLED
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits


Jaime Pulaski
5 of 5 Stars
This is a great kit for anyone. The online instructions are excellent, even for a novice with high resolutions photos to follow.

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