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AFM Strobe Triac, optoisolator and Diode Kit and more


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This kit contains replacements for likely failure parts of the AFM strobe board. 


1   4A 600V Triac               (Q1)
6  1N4007 diode                 (D1, D2, D3, D4,D5,D6)
2  Film Capacitors Repl       (C5,C6)
2 capacitors 100uF 100V     (C1)(C2)
1  Optoisolator MOC3011  (U1

trigger transformer 

With this kit, you should be able to repair the board.

To replace C1, we recommend using the capacitor originally at C2. The Williams design runs these 100V parts at 150V in the C1 location, which causes failure. Our suppliers will not warranty parts in this location. However, the original part at the C2 location will be fine.

note: capacitor supplied may vary


Tech info at:  http://www.iobium.com/fixing_the_afm_strobe_board.htm

  • Model: AMFSTR
  • Shipping Weight: 0.2lbs

Paul Welka
5 of 5 Stars
I installed this repair kit along with the Pinbits Enhanced Strobe Tube assembly to repair a dead strobe in my Attack from Mars over 7 years ago. Yes, that's right, 7 years! I could tell this was a high quality kit when I installed it. It did the trick. More importantly, it still works perfectly today, flashing just as bright as the day I installed it. Well done!