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Banzai Run Plastic Guards (9 piece set)


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This set of nine plastic guards fit underneath commonly damaged plastic parts. They deflect edge strikes;  reinforce against airballs; and prevent metal from scratching up the back of plastics. The set includes guards for: both slingshots; the left and right outlane plastics; the long left target bank; the Yellow Belly target; the upper right target bank; the pop bumper and left gate area; and the captive ball plastic at the top of the mini playfield.

These guards are made from impact resistant PETG and will not break from ball strikes. Product ships with blue protective film, remove for installation. Thanks to Joe, John and Kevin for their help with this project.

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Installation Notes

1) The game has posts of different heights. This makes the plastics ripple. I don't know why this is, and didn't try to troubleshoot it - but it needs a look. I think that new posts would be a good idea, but I don't know which ones to use.

2) The threads on some of the posts are just too short. With the plastics and the guards installed, there's barely enough thread to bite. That may be a problem with the thicker acrylic plastic set, and I don't have a solution other than leaving the studs bare. It doesn't affect function.

3) The installation process is such that you should not have to remove the tree plastics. You will have to remove the ramp.

4) The gate at the top of the playfield interferes with the plastic; we've cut the guard back a fraction to make things sit easier..

5) Don't overtighten! hand tight + 1/4 turn is plenty. More than that, and things start to warp and crack.

6) The mounting notch on the top end of the left hand outlane plastic results in a very thin neck that will easily snap on both the guard and the plastic it protects. Handle this piece with care.

  • Model: BRPG9
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

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