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Judge Dredd Deadworld Locking Mod Kit - Orange Ring


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This kit includes: 1 Deadworld locking ring, 1 L1AT EPROM, 1 magnetic ball trough liner


If you are looking for this product, buy the Fluorescent Orange Ring Kit.  The orange is just a bit brighter and has glowing edges so when the ring is loaded with pinballs and spinning it looks much better than the original orange ring.

This kit restores the locking holes and functions of the Judge Dredd Deadworld prototype. The new software enables the full locking multiball feature; the only exception is the software is set for Free Play only.   The kit includes the ring and prototype software EPROM.   This kit does not require the hardware for full locking multiball functionality on production Judge Dredd machines. The new software enabling this feature is L1A-T.  10 minutes to install.

Troubleshooting Notes
The locking software is very sensitive to hardware errors in the game. The biggest problem happens if the crane drops the ball so that it can roll off f the front of the ring, instead of through the crane opto. If this happens, the machine adjusts the ball count to five (or four, or three if you lose more balls)  until you reset it. As the machine will put balls in play until the trough count is right, every ball is a multiball that stops as soon as one ball drains. 

A few typical malfunctions and their fixes are as follows:

Diverter does not load the ring when planet lock is available
 - Check ramp entrance opto
 - Check diverter

Multiball does not have all 4 balls
 - Insufficient balls in the machine
 - Trough divots holding up the balls (gently file and sand the trough ball lane to remove them)
 - Bad opto transmitters or receivers in the trough (check trough optos in swicth test)

Game keeps shooting extra balls in multiball, and ends ball with balls still on the playfield 
 - Check crane exit opto
 - Check that the ball exits through the crane exit opto

The crane opto has a relatively long gap; cleaning the transmitter and receiver can help.

  • Model: JDLMFP
  • Shipping Weight: 0.95lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

Andre Huijts
5 of 5 Stars
Top notch quality ! It looks great and EVERY Judge Dredd should have this mod !!!! It makes the machine SO much more fun. The brilliant thing about this kit is that you DON'T need to modify any hardware. Everything is very well packed. There is no installation manual included though, but it's very simple indeed. Simply replace the ring, remove the EPROM from the CPU board and insert the L1AT version in this kit. That's it ! Totally recommended ! Thanks Pinbits for making this possible ! There's really only one (minor) drawback: the machine will be permanently on free-play. Of course no issue for home use.