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Twilight Zone Adjustable Eddy Board repl. A16534


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This board replaces the eddy controller that detects the powerball in the ball trough (A-16534). It is a Pinbits manufactured part engineered for Twilight Zone. The board is an exact fit for the original hole pattern and connectors.

We've engineered our design to be more stable than the original, with a large ground plane and better component selections.  It also has an adjustable pot for small sensitivity adjustments.



1) Place the board in the location in the machine. Use a single screw to hold it in place while you test.
2) Connect the 4-pin (switch matrix) and 2-pin (sensor) connectors.
3) Turn the machine on. Make sure that there is a steel ball in the trough exit position. Most likely, the light will come on. We ship set for a steel ball, with the pot arrow roughly in the center of the range.
4) Using a small screwdriver, turn the pot from end to end. It will rotate through about 3/4 of a turn. Get the feel of the end stops so that you don't destroy the screw slot.
5) At one end (anticlockwise), the LED will go off. When that happens, slowly turn the pot clockwise until the LED goes on. If the LED does not go off, your sensor or its wiring have a problem.
6) If the LED will not go on, your sensor needs to be moved closer to the ball. 
7) Move the steel ball out of the sensing position. The LED should go off. You are done.


  • Model: TZeddy
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Williams

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