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Pressless Riveting Kit


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This kit uses includes conventional rivets, and clips and a small tool to install them without a press. The finished rivet looks factory from the top, and only a careful look will reveal that the rivet is clipped and not crimped. The clips are very strong and won't let go easily. The clips go on with gentle taps, so there is less risk of damaging your plastics.

With this kit, you can fix flaps to ramps and lamp bases to plastics, amongst other things.

( I will customize the rivets in the kit per request on the order; ie... all long rivets)

The kit includes:
15    Rivet Clips
2    Short rivets         Metal flaps to metal ramps
6      Medium rivets     Metal flaps to plastic ramps
6     Long rivets          Plastic to plastic
10    Washers             Plastic backup washer
1      Installation tool


You will also need a small hammer to install the clips. Light taps only!

IMPORTANT: if the tool is not aligned properly and the clip slides down the rivet at an angle, the hole will become enlarged and the grip will be weak. Take your time, make sure that everything is well supported and aligned (tape on the rivet head is a big help) and tap lightly.

Insert the half toothpick into the rivet before applying the clip. The toothpick will help keep everything lined up.

Don't worry if you destroy a few practicing, drop us an email and we'll get some replacements out to you.

The hammer does all of its work getting the clip onto the end of the rivet. Once that is done, it will slide down easily but not slide off without a lot of force. Don't try to hamer them tight if they are loose, get another clip.

You can use the next size up if you are short a size. Rivet clips grab on to less metal then is needed to roll over a rivet, but can also work with a longer shaft.





  • Model: RK1
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

Marc Cohen
5 of 5 Stars
Got this kit to do the various signs on Whitewater. Excellent kit and highly recommended. Easy to use on flat plastics. The shape of the boulders and mountain ranges did make it rather tricky to find a suitable base to rest on. I had to use the corner edge of a desk. Two pairs of hands was needed for these bits - one to hold the boulder and sign steady on the corner and the other to hold the tool and hit it. Delivery was very quick - overseas to the UK in just 4 days! Don't let the shipping cost put you off as the guys at Pinbits gave me a very substantial rebate once the final shipping was worked out!
Edd Cramer
5 of 5 Stars
I used the kit to install the skip ramp flap on Revenge From Mars which takes a lot of abuse. The Kit was very easy and quick to use and the finished installation looks completely stock. The Rivets are as strong as pressed and have held up very well. they will most likely out last the ramp. Its a must have for your tool box.
Shawn Mazur
5 of 5 Stars
I used this to hold some plastics on Wh2o boulders and it worked absolutely great.
Michael Kuehne
5 of 5 Stars
The kit works perfectly and is easy to use. And your service is outstanding, thank you.