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Advanced Eddy Microcontroller repl. WPC 04-11001


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Got problems with your Ringmaster recording hits? Or is Monster Bash having difficulty with the Phantom Flip? This replacement microcontroller significantly improves the reliability of the eddy sensor.

The microcontroller is capable of more sensitive setting than a pot-based system. It also measures the characteristics of the eddy sensor chip, and can compensate for changes in the sensor related to heat, voltage and other factors. New features include:

1) More accurate setback, meaning that boards won't respond as much to flipper interference.
2) Auto-reset for a locked-on sensor
3) Calibration test to compensate for sensor drift over time.
4) Smart reset for super fast recalibration.
5) Debounce system to reject false triggers

The chip will work with all eddy boards, but requires that C3 be removed. You must also set your WPC features to "Auto Eddy Boards - No" if you have a Cirqus Voltaire. We recommend removing C3 on any eddy board as it serves only to delay readings.

Installation Instructions
1) Remove the old microcontroller from its socket.
2) Insert the new chip. The notch on the chip should be next to the LED. Make sure that all the pins are in the sockets.
3) On power up, the LED should come on for a brief period, flash rapidly, then go out. This indicates that the digital pot is correctly set. If the LED keeps flashing, the sensor circuitry is not operating correctly.
4) Complete testing by going into switch test mode and rolling a ball down the flipper.

  • Model: 04-11001A
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

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