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Blackout Mod Board (WPC-95)


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Following an idea by Matt Masters, we've built a blackout board for Attack from Mars. Units may vary slightly from that shown.

The unit works well on other WPC games, where it turns off  the backbox when the machine is doing flasher effects. Monster Bash and Medieval Madness really show off their light shows with this mod.


This board disables the backbox lighting when the lower playfield GI is off. Strobe multiball plays in the dark (as it should) and light shows sharpen up. Your machine really will be more interesting in a darkened room, and you can find out what strobe multiball was meant to look like.

The board plugs in to the upper backbox GI header, and provides a new header for the backbox GI. Installation takes about 10 minutes and requires no special tools.

 Very cool with Polarized film on the DMD.

Installed picture.

Things to watch:

 - get the pins aligned
 - the connector takes a lot of force
 - seat it fully home
 - this board won't fix GI problems - get them fixed first.

1) Remove the light tub and fold the display board down onto the playfield.

2) Remove both GI connewctors from J105 and J106.

3) Push the board's white header onto J105 (top connector) - make sure that the pins are lined up.

3) Plug the playfield GI connector on to J106.

5) Plug the backbox connector onto the new header on the board.

6) Put the machine back together and play away!

  • Model: SONIC
  • Shipping Weight: 0.2lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

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