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AC/DC Thunderbolt Flashers


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Our AC/DC Thunderbolt Flashers work with any version of Stern's AC/DC Pinball.
These lighted thunderbolts bring another interactive toy to the game.With 8  LEDs on the front, and four on the back, these thunderbolts flood the game with light. You'll see flasher effects that you never knew existed!
Our thunderbolt flashers are fully customizable with your original artwork, our custom silk-screened artwork, and the selection of colored filters we offer.
Installation is easy for the outside bolts, and takes 15 minutes each with limited dis-assembly. Middle thunderbolt requires removing a plastic and loosening a ball guide - allow an hour. .
Stainless steel frame
12 lighting grade LEDs total
Spacers prevent hot spots
Black assembly hardware
Pinbits artwork and replacement plastic (you can also use your original plastic)
Installation and other images are here.
  • Model: ACDCTBT3
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

Peter Alberico
5 of 5 Stars
I'm not one for writing reviews but just had to after installing these lightning bolt flashers on my AC/DC Pro. Stunning light display and spectacular , quality item and well worth the money . Hands down the best mod for your AC/DC pinball . Due yourself a favour , you won't be disappointed .
Paul Edmonds Jr
5 of 5 Stars
Don't heistate, these bolts are awesome. GREAT product and service!
Adam Knudsen
5 of 5 Stars
Before, i had trouble to notice when the original thunderbolt was flashing, with these Thunderbolt flasher you will blank your memory like M.I.B, awesome!
Ben Patrick
5 of 5 Stars
The bolts are just a smidge bigger then the originals. Nice mirror edges I didn't expect to see around the bolts as well. They are super bright as they should be. The only drawl back if you want to call it that is the mount is backward from the original. It gives a nice finished effect, so you are not looking at a screw, but makes screwing them in a bit more difficult, which really its not bad at all.