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Tron Ramp Illumination Kit


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Boost your Tron Pro with this dynamic sidelight fiber kit.
Based on Eli's design, we've created a kit that can bring your ramps to life. 
The kit is designed for a factory look when installed.. Check out our pictures of the head and theplayfield.
Controller Board
Wiring Harness
Light Modules
Light module mountig screws
2 Lengths of Ramp sideglow fiber
Hex key
Cable Ties
Installation Process
Run harness alongside existing wiring
Install two LED driver blocks under the playfield, below the ramp flaps
(at this point, the system will test - you'll see the LEDs lighting inside the blocks).
Remove ramps and install fiber with cable ties - plan on a morning or afternoon.
Hook up fibers and run!
Top things to do wrong:
1) Not removing the balls before raising the playfield. 
2) Forget to run the microswitch and flasher cables through the playfield holes before replacing the ramps.
3) Not putting the cable tie heads on the underside of the ramp.
4) Putting the first zip ties too close to the ramp entrance and creating a kink. 
5) Bending the fiber too tight anywhere and creating a kink
6) Not using a pusher to assemble the pigtail to the power connector.
7) Overtighten the nylon hex head light fiber retainers
8) Crush the fiber between switches and ramps - loop around really tight spots.
9) Overtighten the cable ties and create hot spots.
10) Overtighten anything else
Installing Code Updates  - No code updates have been released.  
All kits are shipped with the latest code.  
If there is an update in the future you can use your PC to update the code to the latest level.
1) Remove the control board and attach it to a PC using a micro USB cable - usually, a cellphone charger type.
2) Your computer will announce that it has a new drive called PINBITS. (if it doesn't, try pressing the reset button, which is near to the USB connector).
3) Open the drive - you will see code.bin. Please save this somewhere.
4) delete the code.bin file on the PINBITS drive.
5) Open the zip file with the new code. Drag the file code.bin from the zip file to the drive. After 20 seconds, remove the control board and replace in your machine.
Code Updates
1.1 - Corrects right and left Light Cycle Multiball colors. Minor other cleanup. 
  • Model: TRELI1
  • Shipping Weight: 2.6lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

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