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Star Trek LE Plastic Protectors


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A set of 14 plastic protectors for  the Stern Star Trek LE and Premium machines. These are slightly different to those for the Pro.

Our plastic protectors sit underneath the original plastics. They deflect airball sidestrikes, reinforce against balls from above, and prevent scuff damage from metal playfield fittings. Made from PETG - the same as the original plastics - our thinner, more flexible material stands in the way of expensive plastic damage. 
Sometimes, they do break- but rest assured, that was a fast ball and our protector takes the damage, not the plastic it protects. If that happens, just drop us a line and we'll replace it.  
Terms of Sale
Our sale to you is a contract. In purchasing the product, you agree that Pinbits expends significant time and effort in developing protector products and that you will not copy our design for any purpose other than a personal purpose consistent with your owning and using the product. You further agree that you will not pass them to a third party without communicating these conditions to them (restoring and selling a game is fine).  And yes, we're doing this because there are people out there who think that copying our work is just a fine way to do business.
  • Model: SSTLEPP
  • Shipping Weight: 0.75lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pinbits

Bill Clement
5 of 5 Stars
Very happy with this set. They are a bit larger than the pieces that they are protecting, well made and precision cut. Would definitely buy for any pin I own.